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Contact Information

You may contact the following if you have questions regarding:

Mineral / Industrial Accounts: smuniz@chamberscad.org

Business Personal Property (local): nwhatley@chamberscad.org

Homestead Exemptions: mstandley@chamberscad.org

Mapping: info@chamberscad.org

Deeds / Ownership: tchrist@chamberscad.org

Special Inventory: ksolis@chamberscad.org

Ag Use Applications: info@chamberscad.org

Appointment of Agent (local): nbaker@chamberscad.org

General Information: info@chamberscad.org


Appraisal Questions:

Anahuac ISD: nbaker@chamberscad.org

East Chambers ISD: arivenbark@chamberscad.org

Goose Creek ISD: molveda@chamberscad.org

Barbers Hill ISD (North of I-10): ksolis@chamberscad.org

Barbers Hill ISD (South of I-10): nwhatley@chamberscad.org


Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 1520
Anahuac, Tx 77514


Phone: (409)-267-3795
Fax:   (409)-267-6192


General Information    -    info@chamberscad.org




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